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Horrid Henry Air Guitar Glow-In-The-Dark puzzle

Horrid Henry Air Guitar Glow-In-The-Dark puzzle

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Immerse your young Horrid Henry fan in a world of fun and creativity with this captivating 100-piece air guitar puzzle! This multicoloured masterpiece not only showcases the mischievous charm of Horrid Henry but also adds an exciting twist – it glows in the dark!

Measuring 335mm x 496mm upon completion, this high-quality card puzzle is a fantastic gift idea for children aged 6 and above. The thrill doesn't end with assembly; turn off the lights, and watch as the puzzle comes to life in a mesmerizing glow. It's not just a puzzle; it's an experience!

Get ready for hours of entertainment and laughter as your child pieces together this engaging puzzle featuring their favourite character, Horrid Henry. Perfect for solo play or family bonding time, this glow-in-the-dark puzzle is a delightful addition to any young Horrid Henry enthusiast's collection. Surprise them with a gift that sparks creativity and offers a unique and exciting puzzle-solving experience!

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